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Finding More Than Dracula in Romania

Finding More Than Dracula in Romania

Many small, traditional houses in the Transylvania region of Romania
Updated: 07/22/19 | July 22nd, 2019

As I wandered around Sighisoara searching for coffins, bats, vampires, and human blood, I realized Romania wasn’t going to give me what I wanted: lots of cheesy Dracula tourism.

I’d been to Bran, explored Transylvania, and spent some time in Bucharest. So far, I had encountered nothing about vampires.

Vampire pop culture was peaking, with fan favorites like Twilight and True Blood hugely popular all around the world. Yet the Romanians just didn’t bother to capitalize on the vampire craze that was spreading around the globe.

I admitted defeat. I simply wasn’t going to get what I’d hoped for. I’d have to settle for the fact Romania had turned out to be an amazing place that far exceeded all my expectations.

It was as good a consolation prize as any traveler could get.

There may not have been vampire teeth in every shop, but the country had a lot to offer.

After Bulgaria, I had mixed feelings about going to Romania.

Bulgaria didn’t blow me away during my time there. I admit, it was better than I’d expected. But I didn’t really love it.

In my head, I assumed Romania would be similar to Bulgaria: a former communist, agrarian country with crumbling and bland Soviet-era buildings. There would be some nice medieval towns in the countryside, but overall, I didn’t have high expectations for Romania.

Yet, for the three weeks I was in Romania, I was constantly blown away by the country.

It was way more developed than I thought, the towns were historic and beautiful, the people were friendly, the food (though heavy on meat) was delicious, and the country exhibited a frenzied, “we’re on our way up” energy.

A busy market square in Romania on a sunny summer day

I started in Bucharest, which was a far more westernized city than I thought it would be. Instead of an old Soviet-era city, I found a city flush with energy, cafés, nice cars, beautiful parks, delicious international food, and lively nightlife.

I also enjoyed a wide range of architecture, from art deco to late 19th century Paris to, yes, those big, dull, grey communist buildings. The historic center had tons of great restaurants and cafés, too (though they were a bit expensive). There’s a certain sophistication and energy to Bucharest that I enjoyed.

This place used to be called the “Paris of the East” and it’s easy to see why. (The Romanians have this weird admiration for the French that I never expected. They seemed to try to copy a lot from France.)

Heading out of Bucharest, I hopped through Transylvania in search of Dracula.

Sadly, there wasn’t much about him to be found.

You’d think the Romanians would capitalize on the whole Dracula thing, but there’s hardly any vampire kitsch around. I was hoping for a lot of cheesy and tacky tourist traps that I could humor myself with.

But there were none.

I was so disappointed.

I would have loved a “I survived Dracula’s castle and all I got was this t-shirt” t-shirt! With True Blood, Twilight, and the “vampires are amazing” fad sweeping the world, the Romanians might try to play up their Dracula-inspired past and draw in some tourists. (Bucharest did have a Dracula restaurant, but it was closed for renovations.)

Sure, it would be totally cheesy, but it would be fun — and travel doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes it can just be tacky and fun. (For example, Disney World.)

A large pillar statue of Vlad the Impaler in Romania

The main center of tourism in Transylvania (and what seemed to be all of Romania) was the city of Brasov. It was there that there were the most people, sites, day trips, and tours. Brasov is an ancient city that used to be on an important trading route between the East and the West.

This was my favorite spot in Romania.

The charming city of Brasov, surrounded by green forests and mountains

The biggest day trip from Brasov is to Bran, where people head to the “fake Dracula castle.” The castle in Bran is this beautiful medieval residence that was used over the years as a fort, then an administrative center, then a palace for the queen before the communists took over.

At best, it might have been a place Dracula stopped while fighting the Turks. I don’t know why it’s associated with him (they do have one room dedicated to his legend), but it’s a castle worth seeing regardless. It’s beautifully preserved, and there are a lot of good descriptions on the walls about its history.

Getting out of Brasov, I fell in love with Sibiu and Sighisoara, tiny medieval towns filled with cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and little alleys to get lost in.

These were the only two places where I felt overwhelmed by tourists, and I think it has more to do with the large number of people squeezed into a tiny area than the fact that the cities are “on the map.”

Compared to other places in Romania, these towns were a lot smaller. Both reminded me of Bruges: they had a similar look, there were a number of older tourists there, and there was a lack of things to do after 10pm, which was sort of typical of the medieval towns I visited in Romania.

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One of the many historical statues in Transylvania in Romania

I was also surprised at how few tourists I saw in Romania.

The hostels were mostly empty, even in busy Brasov and Bucharest. Busy Bran castle seemed to have more Romanians than foreigners. I hardly saw any tour groups, and if I did, they were mostly Russian. I saw a few German youth groups on their way to go camping, but for the most part, Romania doesn’t seem to take part in the great European summer tourist season.

Though EU membership has made this country more expensive than I realized, it’s a still a great bargain. You can spend around $30-40 USD per day there if you want to travel on a budget.

As a general rule, you can expect the country to cost about half the price of Western European destinations. (I got a fancy sushi meal with drinks for $25 USD.)

And while tourism in Romania has been on the rise since my first visit, it’s still a budget-friendly destination for travelers. It’s become a popular choice for backpackers after they use up their 90 days in the Schengen Area. But you still won’t find huge crowds here!

And you basically get the country all to yourself. Romania doesn’t jump to the forefront when most people think of a “European vacation,” and I think that’s why it’s avoided the crowds.

People probably go, “Romania? What the heck’s in Romania? Let’s go to Italy.”

To me, Romania was one of the best and most beautiful countries I’ve visited in years. It defied my expectations. The food was delicious, I enjoyed the medieval towns and beautiful countryside, and most people were very friendly.

I think Romania is one of the best countries no one seems to visit. I suggest you head there on your next trip to Europe. It’ll be worth it.

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Book Your Trip to Romania: Logistical Tips and Tricks

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Want More Information on Romania?
Be sure to visit our robust destination guide on Romania for even more planning tips!

Коктейль Dracula Нот ин ми


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This is not a full wiki so it wont show every single item, however it will teach you/explain mostly everything this game has to offer. (when its finished at least)

Whenever someone does decide to make a wiki for this game feel free to take anything you need from this guide/ask for my help if you need it.

Also there is an official discord so join that if you need any help with something that this guide doesn’t give, need to report a bug/bugs to the devs, or of course if you just want to meet some new people.

(I have nothing to do with the creation of this game or the devs, I just wanted to make a guide for an amazingly complicated game)

1: HP
Your starting max HP depends on which character you are using, however your max hp can go up or down by collecting specific relics,interacting with specific npcs or getting radiation.
As long as your current hp is above 1 you cannot die in one hit. (recharges about once per island)
You can also get shields which break when hit but block you from taking damage. (similar to enter the gungeon)

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2: Mana
Your starting max mana also depends on which character you are using and again can go up or down, used to activate some active items. (see no.5)

3: Character icon
Shows you your level and how close you are to levelling up, this always starts at 0 when you start a new run, not sure what the max level is but it goes up to at least level 6.
Increasing your level heals you to your current max hp, grants you 1 skill point which can be used to buy upgrades in-between areas that last for the rest of your run, gives you an extra weapon slot and attachment slot, weapon slots cap at 4 at level 3 and attachment slots cap at 3 at level 2.
Gaining more levels after level 3 only heals you and gives you a skill point.
You can gain exp from killing enemies and buying it/trading for it from specific npcs.

4: Coins
Starts at 0 and caps at 99, used to buy from npcs and or shops.

5: Active items
Active items can be found or bought, some use mana (see no.2) and some don’t.
All have cool-down time before reactivation.

6: Sidearm
Different characters start with different sidearms but new ones can be found during the run, all have unlimited ammo but still have to be reloaded, like normal guns they can be scrapped for weapon mods however weapon mods cannot be equipped to them.

7: Normal weapon
You start with 1 weapon slot but can get up to 4 depending on your level, you also start with one weapon mod slot for each weapon, this increases to 2 at level 1 and 3 at level 2. (level 3 doesn’t give you another slot)

8: Unlocked weapon slot with no weapon equipped

9: Locked weapon slot

10: Special weapon
Like sidearms, different characters start with different special weapons and new ones can be found. Special weapons use energy and have to be charged up, you can only have one of these and normal weapon mods cant be equipped however there is an npc where you can buy a special weapon mod.

11: Consumables
You can only hold one consumable, some you can keep using forever but have to be charged up by clearing a specific number of islands and and some have a specific amount of uses.
Mushrooms are consumables that wont tell you what they do until you use them. (Similar to potions from other roguelike/roguelites)

12: Alien tech
Powerful relics-like items that you can only have one of at a time, however it is possible to get these items as relics from specific npcs and or starting classes, therefore letting you have more then one at a time.

13: Locked
This slot cant be unlocked in the current game so no idea what its for yet.

Below are all the characters currently in the game, their stats, starting hp/mana and sidearm/special weapon, as well as the methods to unlock all of them.

-Starting character, also one of the best imo.

-Unlocked by clearing the 2nd universe, haven’t used him much but he feels abit under-powered atm.

-This ones the most confusing to unlock as there’s no explanation given on how to unlock him.
During a run there’s a chance you will find an island with no enemies on it but instead a strange object.

Upon entering you will encounter an npc which you can interact with.

Once choosing "Activate Teleport" a platform you can stand will appear, which teleports you into a minigame where you are on a 3 minute timer with 3 lives and must collect green coins and try not to die from various traps and enemies, (my run has ended from dying in this minigame before but only once so i’m not sure if that was a bug or if it can randomly happen) anyways after the timer runs out or you loose all your lives you will be teleported back into the strange object and can spend your green coins on special relics.
If you get 100 or more coins in this minigame you will unlock the 3rd character, he is also one of the best imo.

-Unlocked by reaching the desert, an area found in the 3rd universe, haven’t really tested him out so cant say much about him yet.

Random starting classes are unlocked after playing the game for a few hours, you will have 3 to chose from at the start of a run out of 18 total classes, some are better then others but for the most part there pretty well balanced.

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Unlock new universes buy completing the previous universe.
Different universes have different modifiers, new areas and new final bosses, making them gradually more difficult.

Universe 1 (Quantum ID : Universe C-132 Alpha)

This universe is basically an introduction, very easy once you learn all the basic mechanics.

Universe 2 (Quantum ID : Powerstorm G-111 Beta)

Difficulty increases abit here but still not super difficult, mainly just preparing you for the 3rd universe.

Universe 3 (Quantum ID : Unlocked U-002 Hell)

Universe 3 is how i feel the game is meant to be played, very difficult but not impossible with abit of good luck and a lot of skill.

Universe 4 (Quantum ID : Nightmare PWR X-1)

Good luck.
Your gonna need a lot of it

There are a few different kinds of chests in the game.
Most of them can be re-rolled in hopes to get a different type of one of the basic chests,
the cost to re-roll always starts at 1 coin and goes up by 1 each time you re-roll the same chest.

Chests can also spawn "frozen" and can only be opened after walking into them twice with at least 10 mana. (takes 20 mana total)

Here are all the basic chests and what they contain:

You will usually want to re-roll this type of chest as it can only contain:
-a sidearm
-a sidearm and

5 coins
-a consumable
-a consumable and

5 coins

Contains either a tier 1 or tier 2 normal weapon.

Contains 1 weapon mod.

Contains 1 alien tech.

Contains 1 active item.

Contains 1 special weapon.

Now for the special relic chests!
These will only spawn before boss fights or in specific scenarios such as completing challenges/minigames.
They drop different tier relics depending on the tier of the chest.

Tier 1 relic chest:

Tier 2 relic chest:

Tier 3 relic chest:

3 coins in the process, same as before this does not apply to shopkeepers.

Example of a npc:

Shrines will spawn on random islands or in secret rooms, most are free to use but others you must pay to use and all can only be used once.
They usually give you: a curse in return for an item such as a tier 3 relic, a balance card (which is a curse and a blessing at the same time such as +5 max hp and -5 max mana) or will show you 2 curses and 2 blessings which are then shuffled and you have to pick randomly, however you can actually track where the blessing you want ends up by looking very closely, meaning when your good at it you can always get the blessing you want.

Example of a shrine:

In I, Dracula Genesis there are curses, blessings and balance cards, once taking one it will be displayed in your inventory.

Curses: gives negative affect but will usually reward you in return.
Also there are some relics/classes that give stat boosters based on how many curses you have such as +10% speed or +10% damage for each curse you have .

Blessings: gives positive affect such as +10 max hp or + 10 max mana.

Balance cards: gives both a positive and negative affect such as +5 max hp -5 max mana or gain 20 gold but lose your best weapon.

Коктейль Dracula Нот ин ми

Order of Shadows

Saving Maria and Annet

As you may or may not know, you are on a rescue mission, as well sa the usual kick Dracula back to the grave. He has kidnapped Richters love Annet, and her younger sister Maria. It is completely up to you to find them, and it is not all that easy to do either. It has a good many steps that you must follow, in order to get to the end of this little side mission.
In stage 3, you will come to an area with pillars every other square in the ground. When you go hopping across these pillars, you will be met with Bone Pillars, as well as Medusa Heads. There is no dying if you fall off, but you will NOT be able to save Maria of Annet!
maria savedHere is how I finally got to the other side of this madness:
You want the Axe Sub-weapon. This is a must to get the Bone Pillars out of the way. If you do not have one, do not fear. One of the first few candls in this area has one.
Next, in order to really avoid getting knocked off, you either have to be crouching when hit, or be on the left most edge of the pillar. When you are hit from this point, you are knocked to the right side, rather than off.
Even with this in mind, and the Axe for assistance, this part can be down right frustrating. Just take it really slow through this section. Everything alse after this is cake in comparison.
Once you manage past this section, you will find yourself in a hallway with statues, and candles attached to them. The final statue’s candle has the Key sub-weapon. This item you will want to keep until further notice. In other words, you want to save your love and her sister, you cannot have another sub-weapon until a certain time. Take this key, and continue throuh the stage. You will encounter Dyruahan right after getting the key, so you can gain your password for the rest of the area.
maria savedIn the next area, which looks like a giant mine shaft, you need to continue onwards (remembering not to pick up any sub-weapons along the way), until you get to the water carrages going up and down the shaft. You will also encounter ghosts all over this area. Just either avoid them, or dispose of them. It is your call. When you get about half way up, you will see a door on the right side. Go to it, and use the key (Just like you would any other sub-weapon). In here you will find Maria. She will thank you for rescueing her, and informs you that Annet is still being held prisoner. Your task is not done yet.

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maria saved

Something funny hit me, while I was reading what Maria tells Richter. Tought I would share it with you:
«Richter! Thank you for saving me, but Annet is trapped in another place!»
Am I the only one who thought when I read this:
«Mario! Thank you for saving me, but the princess is in another castle!» =D Anyways, continuing on.

maria savedNow that you have rescued Maria, it is time to find your love. Fom Maria’s room, you simply need to continue your journey upwards. Once you reach the next room with a door, you will want to enter it. Use the Key again, and go through. This will take you to a new area, as well as allow you to finally, finally get another sub-weapon.
This new section is more like a underwater shrine in looks, and is full of Mermen and Water Skulls. But nothing is too overly difficult to manage. The only hinderence is the single Skeledragon, but it can be easily defeated with the Axe you get right before encountering him.
maria savedFrom here, simply make your way down, and then back up. Continue on your path, until you come to a room, where there is water pouring out of a hole in the wall. Wait. pouring out of a hole? But there are no waterfalls that ever come out of a hole in the wall in Castlevania! Well, that would be the clue to get you to investigate it, now wouldn’t it? Strike this hole, until the water stops pouring out. You will then see the water level drop, and you are now able to descend the area. In the next room, you will find your lost love Maria, and the ending of the game will be the best ending.

Dialect in DRACULA (Bram Stoker)

Hi, I just want to ask how difficult is it to understand -for a native speaker- this piece of conversation that I came across when reading Dracula by Bram Stoker. For my being a Spanish speaker it was (and is) quite difficult and can’t understand it fully. I guess that it’s just a phonetical-transcription attempt by Stoker.

This dialogue (or better monologue) supossedly takes place in Whitby Abbey (UK), near Crescent. The man is an old sailor, and it’s in the late nineteenth century.

"It be all fool-talk, lock, stock, and barrel; that’s what it be, an’ nowt else. These bans an’ wafts an’ boh-ghosts an’ barguests and bogles an’ all anent them is only fit to set bairns an’ dizzy women a-belderin’. They be nowt but airblebs! They, an’ all grims an’ signs an’ warnin’s, be all invented by parsons an’ illsome beukbodies an’ railway touters to skeer an’ scunner hafflin’s, an’ to get folks to do somethin’ that they don’t other incline to. It makes me ireful to think o’ them. "

And it continues for one or two pages.

Some words I get:

-nowt: nothing?
-skeer: scare?

But others are so obscure to me.

Do you English native speakers find it easy?

Senior Member
  • Aug 27, 2005
  • #2

This will help you with some of it:

Googling "lock, stock and barrel" will probably skeer up a few good idiomatic-phrase dictionaries. They make excellent browsing.

You do have to beware of educated upper-class writers trying to render into dialogue a rant in dialect that might well have been almost as alien to them as it is to you. I’ll suspect that if this old sailor could see himself in print he’d cringe the way I do when I hear some movie character spout Dukes-of-Hazzardese.

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Senior Member
  • Aug 27, 2005
  • #3

This will help you with some of it:

Googling "lock, stock and barrel" will probably skeer up a few good idiomatic-phrase dictionaries. They make excellent browsing.

You do have to beware of educated upper-class writers trying to render into dialogue a rant in dialect that might well have been almost as alien to them as it is to you. I’ll suspect that if this old sailor could see himself in print he’d cringe the way I do when I hear some movie character spout Dukes-of-Hazzardese.

Senior Member
  • Aug 27, 2005
  • #4

This native English speaker does not. I get the gist of it, and can make out much of what is being said, but certain words are completely new.

What’s worse is that I read Dracula, although that was many, many years ago.

Senior Member
  • Aug 27, 2005
  • #5

Twins: separated at birth.

(to non-native speakers: I agree with Gen!)

Lapsed Moderator
  • Aug 27, 2005
  • #6

This native speaker has a particular advantage over others here
Ullans is also known as Ulster Scots.
In Northern Ireland, many words in common conversation come from this source. I think I have mentioned this here before?
For fun, I have picked out of the passage some of the words that I think come into this category — without the aid of a safety-net, or a dictionary:

These bans an’ wafts an’ boh-ghosts an’ barguests and bogles
These are all different kinds of spooky thing — ending with bogeys (in the spooky-thing sense )
anent them
Beside them
that should be an air-filled blister
another kind of spooky thing
not well-meaning
academics, learned people
confuse, frustrate, astonish
usually in a statement like "I was fair scunnered. "

The point I am making is that many of these words would not be remarked on in normal conversation here, in Scotland and in the North of England.

You are going to say that of course they would never be used in formal conversation.
Well, you would be surprised.
(Rushing off to find the information I need.)

Edit, found something about it.
I’m not on my own PC so I can’t give you the full text, but not long ago there was an advertisement in our local press for the position of:

Now that I have had my fun, I should add that there is much in the passage quoted that I don’t understand and it is likely that I have got some of the above wrong

Download Dracula in London

This is a simplistic but fun board game that needs 6 people to play (you’d think they could come up with a decent computer AI by 1988. ) as various characters from Bram Stoker’s novel. The object, of course, is to track down the count and put an end to his reign of terror. Players can visit various places to obtain clues, buy hunting equipment, and visit various characters during the day. The inclusion of many abstracts from the original novel is a nice touch.

Note: SDJ later released an enhanced Windows 3.1 version in 1993, which is also on this site. Check it out if you like the original.

Review By HOTUD

Captures and Snapshots

Dracula in London 0

Dracula in London 1

Dracula in London 2

Dracula in London 3

Dracula in London 4

Dracula in London 5

Dracula in London 6

Comments and reviews

Jimminy Games 2021-03-06 0 point

This was one of the lesser known and not that good games that I had on my first PC.

I remembered it fondly and since this year I returned to game development after a long hiatus of 1.5 decades, and since the game I’m designing wants be original, I’ve been looking for ideas all around.

Now, I remembered this game as being good, but when I returned to it the other, after

30 years since I played it for the first time, it wasn’t that good.

I guess I valued this game because when I was a teen, I used to program in basic, and I remembering regarding this game as a great accomplishment to create something like it in basic.

CamtheCat 2019-04-07 3 points

This game owns. I’ve played it multiple times & the story always unfolds & ends differently. Spooky too!

Write a comment

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If you have trouble to run Dracula in London, read the abandonware guide first!

Download Dracula in London

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

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