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Watermelon Vodka Tonic

Watermelon Vodka Tonic

Whether you’re celebrating summer at a neighborhood picnic, pool party, camping trip or the beach, chances are your warm weather faire includes watermelon! It’s basically the national fruit of summer and I am here for all things watermelon. If you are too, you will LOVE this sweet, simple Watermelon Vodka Tonic.

front view of watermelon vodka tonic in a tumbler and garn

This gorgeous vodka tonic recipe variation features juicy, ripe watermelon in its finest form: paired with alcohol! The sweet fruit, combined with tangy lemon vodka and refreshing tonic water will quench your summertime thirst and be a big hit at any gathering. Watermelon packs a popular punch in many cocktails; try this Watermelon Rum Punch or thisWatermelon Pina Colada.

two tumblers of watermelon vodka tonic next to a metal tray


This recipe handily offers all of the ingredients you’ll need right there in the title! This refreshing beverage could not be easier to make, and it’ll make you all kinds of friends this summer.

  • First up: watermelon. For two cocktails you will need about four ounces of juice, which will take about a cup of cubed watermelon. Just blend and strain to get your luscious juice.
  • Next, vodka. If you prefer a sweeter drink (hello!) try Eddy’s Lemon Vodka. It is delish! You could also use it in this Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch. For a little less sweetness, use citrus or even regular vodka. No matter what, the watermelon will take center stage and taste wonderful!
  • Finally, tonic water. To keep calories lower on this recipe I used diet tonic and it’s perfect! Try it in this Cherry Lime Vodka Tonic.

small tumbler of watermelon vodka tonic cocktail with bottle of titos in the background


  • Combine your strained watermelon juice (see above), lemon vodka and tonic water together.
  • Pour into two glasses filled with crushed ice.
  • Garnish and serve!

small tumbler full of ice and watermelon vodka tonic, garnished with a watermelon slice

Don’t be surprised if you need to double or quadruple this light cocktail. It’ll keep you refreshed and recharged all summer! For some more vodka infused variations, try this peachy-keen Peach Vodka Smash.

If you make this recipe let me know what you think my leaving me a comment!

20 Vodka Cocktails That Aren’t a Vodka Tonic

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are easy ways take your vodka drinks up a notch.

vodka cocktails

When it comes to a simple, refreshing, easy cocktail, a vodka tonic is hard to beat. But vodka is famous for its mild, mixing-friendly flavor, so if your drink of choice is vodka, it would be a shame not to branch out and embrace the myriad of options that the spirit has to offer. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best vodka cocktail recipes from mules to creative mixed drinks to the legendary martini. With unique flavors and easy to follow recipes it’s never been easier to get yourself out of a cocktail rut, so try out these fun cocktails that any vodka drinker is sure to love.

icelandic lady


1 oz Reyka Vodka
.5 oz Aperol
.5 oz honey syrup
.25 oz lemon juice
Top with champagne or prosecco

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Combine all ingredients except sparkling wine into a cocktail shaker. Serve in flute, top with champagne or prosecco and garnish with a lemon peel.

Drink, Lemon-lime, Food, Lemon, Juice, Lemonade, Meyer lemon, Lemon juice, Citrus, Ingredient,


1 oz limoncello
1 oz vodka
1 Brooklyn Crafted Lemon Lime Ginger Beer


Add all the ingredients together in a Julep cup and mix. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a mint sprig.

Recipe Courtesy of Brooklyn Crafted

martini with olive


3 oz gin or vodka
5 oz dry vermouth
Lemon peel or olive


Stir ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Squeeze oil from lemon peel into the glass or garnish with olive.

Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Clover club cocktail, Rose, Food, Pink lady, Non-alcoholic beverage, Corpse reviver, Distilled beverage, Dessert,


2 oz vodka
1 oz lemon juice
.5 oz honey syrup or simple syrup
5 raspberries


Shake all ingredients and double strain in a coupe glass. Top with prosecco.

From Percy Rodriguez at The Vine

espresso martini


1.5 oz Grey Goose vodka
1 oz espresso
.75 oz premium coffee liqueur
1 pinch of salt


Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into a martini glass.

apple cider mule


1.5 oz Humboldt Vodka
2 oz apple cider
1 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz ginger syrup*
Splash of seltzer


Build all ingredients over ice in a copper mug. Stir well, and garnish with lime or apple wedges.

*Ginger syrup: Combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and a 2-inch knob of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped. Stir over low heat until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and allow the ginger to steep for at least one hour. Strain and refrigerate.

Drink, Woo woo, Campari, Sea breeze, Alcoholic beverage, Non-alcoholic beverage, Cranberry juice, Cocktail, Distilled beverage, Old fashioned glass,


8-10 blueberries
2 oz Long Island Vodka
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
1-2 oz Oregon Pinot Noir


Muddle fresh blueberries at the bottom of a double old fashioned glass and top with ice. Add vodka, lemon, and simple syrup to a mixing glass and shake vigorously. Strain over ice and blueberries. Pour wine over a spoon to create a red wine «float.»

From Kingsley in New York City

Drink, Milk punch, Alcoholic beverage, Liqueur, Distilled beverage, Irish cream, Food, Alcohol, Still life,


2 oz Reyka Vodka
1 oz coffee liqueur
1 oz heavy cream
.5 tsp pumpkin pie spice


Combine all ingredients in shaker over ice. Shake and serve in a rocks glass.

Drink, Shrub, Non-alcoholic beverage, Alcoholic beverage, Cocktail, Moscow mule, Juice, Caipiroska, Paloma, Food,


1.5 oz Tito’s Vodka
.25 oz Aperol
.75 oz honey simple syrup (1:1 honey and hot water)
.5 oz lime juice
4 cucumber slices


In a mixing glass muddle the 4 cucumber slices. Add the rest of the ingredients, top with ice and shake. Strain the cocktail into a glass and top with fresh ice. Garnish with a cucumber wheel.

From the Hive Bentonville, in Bentonville, AR

Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Distilled beverage, Highball, Classic cocktail, Liqueur, Cocktail, Non-alcoholic beverage, Sour, Food,


1.25 oz vodka
1.5 oz cider
.75 oz ginger liqueur
2 tablespoons of pumpkin jam or puree
.25 oz honey
.75 oz lemon juice


Build all ingredients into a shaker, fill with ice. Shake and strain into a highball filled with ice and garnish with a flamed rosemary sprig.

salty dog


1.5 oz of Nikka Coffey Vodka
4 oz of fresh grapefruit juice
Salt rim


Rim a chilled highball glass with salt. Pour the vodka in the glass. Fill the glass with ice and stir to chill. Fill the glass with fresh grapefruit juice and stir again.

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Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Distilled beverage, Liqueur, Classic cocktail, Corpse reviver, Cocktail, Alcohol, Stemware, Champagne stemware,


1.5 oz Reyka vodka
.5 oz lemon juice
.25 oz simple syrup
2 oz pear juice
Champagne to top


Combine all ingredients in shaker except champagne. Shake, serve in coupe, top with champagne, add a twist of lemon for garnish.

Drink, Classic cocktail, Martini glass, Alcoholic beverage, Cocktail, Distilled beverage, Champagne cocktail, Alcohol, Martini, Rusty nail,


1.5 oz vodka
1 oz elderflower liqueur
Champagne top
1 pear slice


Combine vodka and elderflower liqueur in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and strain into a martini glass. Top with champagne and garnish with a pear slice.

From Alon Moskovitch at Mezetto

Drink, Lemon, lime and bitters, Sour, Dark


1 oz Reyka vodka
1 oz Sailor Jerry rum
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz peach juice or nectar
Angostura bitters


Combine all ingredients into cocktail shaker except bitters. Shake, double strain, and serve over crushed ice. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg.

Drink, Martini glass, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Alcoholic beverage, Cocktail garnish, Pink lady, Cocktail, Martini, Bacardi cocktail,


1.25 oz Vodka
.75 oz Creme Yvette
.75 oz Hibiscus Water*
.5 oz lime juice
.5 simple syrup
4 dashes Angostura nitters


Combine everything in a small tin and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe or martini glass.

*Hibiscus Water: Steep 2 oz dried Hibiscus flowers in 32 oz of water overnight. Strain and use.

From Bryan Dayton at Acorn in Denver, CO.



1 oz Grey Goose vodka
2.5 oz Bombay Sapphire gin
.5 oz Lillet


Stir all ingredients together with ice and strain into a well-chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

Red, Pink, Yellow, Smoothie, Drink, Flower, Petal, Juice, Plant, Food,


2.5 oz Sin Mix*
.75 oz lime juice
.25 oz simple syrup
Small pinch of salt


Shake, fine strain into chilled martini glass. Express lemon peel and discard. Garnish with flower when possible.

*Sin Mix: Combine 1 part Aperol, 3 parts Combier Orange, and 6 parts St. George citrus vodka. Infuse mix with 2 parts dried hibiscus flowers, stirring occasionally for 30-45 minutes

From the National, Athens, Georgia

Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Non-alcoholic beverage, Distilled beverage, Juice, Rum swizzle, Cocktail, Agua de valencia, Sour, Whiskey sour,


1 oz Grey Goose vodka
.75 oz grapefruit juice
.25 oz St. Germain
2 oz prosecco


Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake, and strain over fresh ice in wine glass. Top with Prosecco. Garnish with grapefruit twist.

From From Percy Rodriguez at L’Amico

Drink, Mai tai, Rum swizzle, Alcoholic beverage, Classic cocktail, Food, Spritz, Non-alcoholic beverage, Distilled beverage, Cocktail,


1.5 oz Grey Goose vodka
1.5 oz strawberry puree
.75 oz lemon juice
Top with Prosecco


Add all ingredients to tin and shake. Add ice block to rocks glass. Add basil leaf garnish.

From of Adam Koelb at The Fleur Room, NYC.

food, drink, smoothie, health shake, plant, ingredient, herb, vegetable juice, cuisine, blackberry,


1.5 oz Grey Goose
1 oz St-Germain
.75 oz lemon juice
.5 oz blackberry puree


Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain into a coup or martini glass. Garnish with mint sprig.

Grapefruit Vodka Tonic Cocktail

This light and refreshing recipe for Grapefruit Vodka Tonic Cocktails has arrived just in time for the warm weather. Using only three ingredients, serve this cocktail at your next party, for a quiet night at home, or to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Jump to Recipe Grapefruit vodka tonic served in a stemless wine glass with ice and a lime wedge.

It’s Finally Time For Summer Bevvies!

Now that the warm weather has begun to arrive, I’m starting to enjoy getting outside, tending to my garden, and firing up the grill. The sunshine also calls for yummy cocktails! I noticed a bottle of Heritage Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka on my bar cart recently, and the idea for Grapefruit Vodka Tonic’s clicked in my mind.

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It didn’t take long to perfect this recipe. All you need are three ingredients and some sunshine to enjoy these light and tasty cocktails. The bubbles from the tonic water make them feel like a healthy, adult soda.


Grapefruit Vodka Tonic Ingredients

I loved putting this recipe together because it was so easy and accessible. None of these three ingredients are hard to source, especially with summer around the corner. This is all you need to create your new favorite cocktail:

TIP: If you don’t have access to grapefruit vodka, substitute with plain vodka and 2 oz of ruby red grapefruit juice. Split 1 oz in each glass.

How To Make Grapefruit Vodka Tonic’s

This super easy recipe takes only 5 minutes to whip together. Add 1/2 cup of ice cubes to 2 highball or stemless wine glasses. Pour 2 oz of grapefruit vodka in each, squeeze some lime juice over top, and finish with a splash of tonic water. Stir and enjoy it!

I love to serve this fresh cocktail with a lime wedge, but a thin slice of grapefruit or edible flowers would be lovely as well.

Grapefruit vodka tonic served in a stemless wine glass with ice and a lime wedge.

Available Variations For This Recipe

Make this recipe your own. There may not be many ingredients, but the variations list is long. Here’s what I would recommend if you’re going to shake things up:

  • Make It A Martini: Add 1 oz of grapefruit vodka, ice, 1 oz of triple sec, and a tablespoon of white sugar to a cocktail shaker. Shake it up and strain into a chilled martini glass, and finish with a squeeze of lime.
  • Switch The Liquor: No vodka, no problem! Gin will work just as well in this recipe. Similar to vodka, gin has a clean taste, making it perfect for infusing fruity flavors.
  • Do I Have To Use Tonic Water? No way! Add sweetness by switching up the tonic water for soda, like Sprite or 7Up. Club soda or seltzer will also work, plus they contain fewer calories than tonic water.
  • Add Florals: Add a splash of rosewater or finish your cocktail off with edible flowers like cherry blossoms.
  • Make It A Mocktail: That’s right, you don’t need alcohol for this cocktail recipe. Remove the vodka entirely for a refreshing and spruced up beverage.

More Delicious Cocktail Recipes

Impress your party guests with more yummy and flavorful cocktail creations:

Did you try these GRAPEFRUIT VODKA TONIC COCKTAILS? Let me know what you think by leaving a rating and comment below. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #lenaskitchenblog! I would love to share your recreation with my followers.

Vodka Tonic, the new trendy cocktail

Gin and Tonic, the trendy cocktail of the moment, which you have surely heard about millions of times, has a clear new competitor in the beverage sector: the Vodka Tonic , a very original combination that landed in our country a few years ago and that today has become the new temptation of many.

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The claim of this cocktail so unique and appetizing in the trendiest cocktail bars of the moment does not stop growing. It has completely transformed the world of cocktails, with bartenders increasingly recommending it and affirming that the novelty and the particular flavour it brings, are some of the keys to its success.

But what makes it different from a Gin and Tonic? Vodka has two attractions, nonexistent in gin. The first one, its neutral flavour , which allows to create all kinds of exquisite combinations and ‘with flavour’, being able to enhance all the added elements. Actually, compared to other cocktails, Vodka Tonic has the largest number of versions on the market: vanilla, peach, mango, pepper or caramel, among others. The second one, its non-existent smell, moving us away from the usual problem that gin presents us due to the strong aroma it gives off.

Therefore, the properties that vodka provides make it the ideal distilled beverage to achieve a perfect combination. The only secret of its preparation is the use of a good vodka, as well as a premium tonic. Having high quality ingredients is essential to achieve the unique personality that characterizes it.

From The Original Tonic , we propose to finish your Vodka Tonic using one of our premium tonics. We have the widest range of flavours and colours on the market, so you will have several options to choose from. In addition, some of them do not have sugars, in order to satisfy the tastes of all our consumers, we have made our premium tonics the healthiest in the market.

The Vodka Tonic recipe

It is clear that Vodka Tonic has appeared to stay and may end up overthrowing our esteemed Gin and Tonic because the fashion of this cocktail is high and its consumption is constantly growing.

Would you like one? Do you want to learn how to prepare it? With the perfect and refreshing recipe of Vodka Tonic that our bartender and brand ambassador, James Misajel brings us, it will take you little time to fall in love with it, take note!

To prepare a Vodka Tonic in its most classic version, we will need a ball glass that we will cool by moving ice with the help of a bar spoon. After introducing the ice into the glass, we will pour 5cl of vodka (the one you choose), Original tonic, you can bet on the Classic or the Citrus one, in addition both are also in zero version! Add a few slices of lemon and enjoy its flavour!

If you want to go one step further and you are a fan of the strawberry-flavoured classics that are so fashionable in our country, James Misajel also presents us a Strawberry Vodka Tonic. To prepare it, we will need 5cl of strawberry-flavoured vodka (choose the brand you prefer), our Original Berries tonic, also available in zero version, and add some strawberries to intensify the flavour. A sweet and irresistible option that will conquer you from the first moment!

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Пить ответственно: Четыре простых рецепта коктейлей на водке

Каким бы сложным ни был 2020-й, не стоит заливать неприятные воспоминания об уходящем годе литрами сомнительного алкоголя. Подойдите к праздничной ночи ответственно: подготовьте несколько простых ингредиентов и устройте коктейльную вечеринку.

Чтобы провести ее без ущерба для бюджета, Enter вместе с бар-леди ReLab Марией Вольхиной подготовил четыре рецепта классических коктейлей на водке, которые легко повторить дома.

Если вы готовите коктейли на большую компанию, используйте тары больших объемов и сразу умножайте ингредиенты на количество гостей. Это никак не скажется на вкусе. Все напитки можно приготовить безо льда — для этого заранее охладите посуду, алкоголь и другие другие составляющие коктейлей.


Тоник — главный коктейльный тренд последних лет. Бармены смешивают его с текилой, ромом, коньяком и ликером, придумывая новые авторские миксы. Мы решили остановиться на более простом и нейтральном сочетании: классической водке и самом обычном тонике Schweppes. Чтобы добавить напитку яркости и дополнительных оттенков, используйте любую вкусовую водку или ароматизированный тоник.

  • Водка — 40 мл
  • Тоник — 120 мл
  • Лед
  • Долька грейпфрута
Способ приготовления:
  1. Подготовьте любой бокал, который найдется дома: например, хайбол, рокс или винный бокал;
  2. Налейте в него 40 мл водки. Если у вас нет мерного стакана или джиггера, используйте стопку как единицу измерения;
  3. Добавьте в бокал льда, залейте тоником в соотношении три к одному и тщательно перемешайте ложкой, чтобы сбалансировать ингредиенты;
  4. Украсьте напиток долькой грейпфрута. Цитрусовые можно заменить листьями мяты, веткой розмарина или тимьяна.
Крестная мать

Сочетание миндального ликера амаретто с крепкой группой впервые появилось в коктейле «Крестный отец» в начале 1970-х перед выходом одноименного фильма. В феминной версии напитка виски заменили на водку, что пришлось по вкусу широкой публике. Неудивительно, что в России стала популярнее именно «Крестная мать» — крепкий миндальный десерт с приятной ореховой сливочностью и самым близким отечественному потребителю крепачем.

  • Водка — 40 мл
  • Амаретто — 30 мл
  • Лед
  • Цедра апельсина
Способ приготовления:
  1. Для этого напитка идеально подойдет рокс. Добавьте в него 40 мл водки;
  2. Отмерьте 30 мл амаретто и налейте в бокал. Ликер продается повсеместно, а самый дешевый вариант обойдется в 200 рублей;
  3. Засыпьте содержимое бокала льдом и перемешайте;
  4. Украсьте по вкусу: можно использовать цедру апельсина, палочку корицы, кофейные зерна или тертые орехи.
Си бриз

Во времена сухого закона в Америке этот коктейль готовили на основе джина и гренадина, но до наших дней он дошел с кардинально изменившейся рецептурой. «Си бри» — это классический лонг, включенный Международной ассоциацией барменов в список «официальных коктейлей» (самые популярные и распространенные коктейли, чей рецепт приведен к единому стандарту — прим. Enter). Легкий, кисло-сладкий с едва уловимой горчинкой — его пьют в «Запахе женщины» Мартина Бреста и «Французском поцелуе» Лоуренса Кэздана.

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